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  • Healthier Breakfasts For Our Children To Help Prevent Diabietes And… Posted On: December 12, 2011

    t is a sad fact that the majority of cereals targeted towards children are sub standard when compared against the proposed federal guidelines. This information is gathered from a report put together by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which is…

  • Birth Control Plan B Posted On: December 8, 2011

    There has been proposal made to let emergency contraceptives be sold over the counter. If this proposal is passed, Plan b could have been sold to teenagers under the age of 16. The pill, which is also referred to as…

  • The Fight Against HIV And Aids Posted On: December 5, 2011

    The President of United States, Barack Obama has promoted the fight against AIDS with a new objective of providing treatment to more than six million people around the world by the year 2013. Initially, the goal was set at four…

  • Ocrelizumab – new drug for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Posted On: November 2, 2011

    Ocrelizumab is a new experimental drug that has proven to be effective in a clinical trial that used 220 people with multiple sclerosis. MS is a debilitating autoimmune disease that occurs in a large amount of North Americans. It normally…

  • Medicare Beneficiaries are Selling Prescription Drugs Posted On: October 12, 2011

    Medicare beneficiaries, as many as 170,000 of them, may have been doctor shopping in order to obtain multiple prescriptions of muscle relaxer and non-narcotic painkiller drugs, according to a recent Government Accountability Office audit of the Medicare Part D prescription…

  • What are the “Essential” Health Benefits? Posted On: October 6, 2011

    Health insurance reform was a welcomed development for many Americans, but it also raised many questions. One of the most important of these centers on the definition of an “essential health benefit.” The answer to that question is something just…


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Pattie S., Case Manager, Community Outreach Program, AK

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