death of my sister gave me depression and anexiety

When I was fifteen years old I had my Dad come into school and tell me my sister and nephew had died in a fire. Earlier that morning I woke up with my parents gone and my aunt in the bathroom doing her hair. When I asked where my parents were she said there was an accident and there was a fire, but she didn't know if my family was alright. After hearing the bad news we drove to my aunts house to talk about everything happy and sad memories about them. It was very hard to do. I found it even harder to attend their funeral. It was closed casket because they had been burn victims. After the event I became very depressed and found it difficult to concentrate on anything. I also had bad anxiety mainly the fear of death. It took me three years to accept the fact that I needed to get help and see a psychiatrist and get on some medication. After talking to someone it made it easier to do my day to day activities. The medicine made it even easier. I have been on my medication for a couple of months now and I notice many positive changes. I still think about my sister and nephew, but it is easier to relive the happy moments rather than the day of their death. To anyone out there who has lost someone close to them, it is very hard to get over and difficult not to think about it. The best way I realized to help me was to talk to someone about it, not ignore it. Looking at pictures and thinking about our lives together helps me to remember her voice and assures me that i will never forget them.

Ashley, Pennsylvania