I moved from PA to CA with no job, no insurance….. Help


I had moved from California to Pennsylvania is June 2002 having been engaged to what I thought was a wonderful man. After 3 months from moving, my fiance asked that I find another place to live. I sold my car, my entire house full of furniture, appliances, and the works. I kept what was minimal and packed that into a rented RV and drove across country with my 2 dogs and 4 cats. I found a job at the local hospital in Pennsylvania and decided to stay. I found an old beat up house that would accept my 2 dogs and rented it for $400.00 monthly. I figured I could sustain anything as long as I had my two loyal dogs at my side. Thus I pressed on. After four years of working with no merit increase in pay, I decided it was time to head home to California and be closer to family. My older sister stepped up to the plate and financed my return trip. She sent her husband via plane where he rented an SUV to transport my remaining 3 cats and 1 dog (the others had passed from old age) myself and him. We drove for about 8 days until we arrived in Los Angeles CA. I now am looking for a job and need assistance with my only prescription, Lexapro. I have paid out of pocket twice now which is $83.00 monthly. What money I had is gone. Without a job to pay for it or insurance, I have no resources left. I cannot ask my family for any more than they have given. Please help me find assitance. My last prescription is being filled today by myself. Thanks for letting me share my story. I know times will get better. It takes being positive and continuing to look for a job.

Barbara , Gardena, California
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