In between a rock and a hard place

My name is Prose Mathews. I am 57 years old with brain damage from recent continuous seizures. It was brought on by my lack of insulin. I am a type 1 juvenile diabetic.
Forced to live with my 65 year old sister and her disabled husband. I can't seem to muster up enough money to pay them rent. So you see paying for immediate needs like my prescriptions of Kepra, Humalog and Lantus is out of the question. I have applied for Social Security and of course they rejected my application and told me I was ineligible. Now I am seeking an attorney ( Pro-Bono ) to help in this quest of getting approved. I have also applied for Medicaid and I await their answer, hopefully they can assist me in getting my prescriptions and rent. I have a degree in mathematics which afforded me time teach for some schools in Chicago. But because of my insulin shock episodes and passing out in the classrooms the school system is reluctant to hire me again. In this latetest condition I could fill out and application without assistance. I'm running up food, utilities and transportation while I await an positive answer. They really can't afford this but they are dealing with it. My poor sister had taken time off from her job to care for her husband, who is constantly back and forth between death's doorway. Now she (Cynthia) 65 years old has me to attend with also. (Duane) 56 years old and disabled recieving Social Security is in one of his up mode so he's assisting me with my doses of medications while my sister works at a restaurant. She has a Master degree in english and literiture. The availability to access drugs is depleting quickly, the only pills I get are samples of the Keppra supplied by my doctor, who has not been paid either.
I am fighting my way back to normality but it is going to take a long time and a lot work. So as you see I need your assistance immediately. My fervent prayer Is for provisions to financially buy my sister and brother in law a house and get them out of debt. Cookie (my sister) is an angel. No one else would have taken the time to deal with me in this way. Even my brother in law had to write this for me.
Mr. Prose A.

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