Just diagnosed!

I am 44 yrs old with a 17 year old daughter and 41 year old husband of 20 years.

I am just diagnosed with polymyositis and Common Variable Immune Deficiency. Last week I had 9 vials of blood drawn and will have more drawn next week. I am awaiting results of the possibility of other underlying diseases.

My "rainy day $$$" began use last October and after 3 diagnostic surgeries, 6 ER visits, numerous MD co-pay visits and numerous perscriptions of $10-$50.00 each WITH insurance…….my rainy day funds are now out!

We are looking at possible eviction at the end of this month and I made my FIRST visit to a food bank yesterday that blew me out of the water! I am trying to save anyway possible and now am unable to work! At this point it's unfortunate that I am a RN….I have helped so many strangers in need in the hospital, through private duty, road side car accidents and held the hand of many that were dying in ICU and had no family with them, and now I cannot even help myself and know of no one to ask for financial assistance in order to survive…….we are presently looking for low cost housing. I am LOST!

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Suzanne, Tennessee
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