Never compromise back pain?

I am a 40 year old male, who over 17 years ago was diagnosed with herniated discs in my lower back, c-5 and s- to be exact. Anyway this was around 1990 when I started a sales career after college. In and out of cars was the routine, should seem to be mundane, however, because of sports, in H.S. and active snow skier, I probably had over exerted that area with out enough strengthening of the core muscle groups.

I was in and out of the MRI screenings during the first couple of years, Even had one surgeon specialist, telling me that I will have back surgery if it is not from her it would be from someone, so I am here today telling you that I have not had back surgery and am actively living a healthy life here in Hawaii, swimming biking 30- 40 miles a couple times a week, running 6-10 miles a couple times a week and training my core as much as possible. This sure beats the sciatica that use to shoot down my left leg, rendering me useless… Now I am Well enough and wake up many mornings never thinking about my back pain. It can stiffen at times, but we always should listen to our bodies and take time out to not over stress, and listen more and give it rest if that is what it is calling out for.

Over the years I have found exercises that I have tailored to myself, some are Pilate's, Yoga, core strengthening isolations & stretching always with greater flexibility in mind. I found this to be the the most beneficial, but more important than that is to not let yourself get too discouraged when a relapse occurs. (even while you may think your doing regular exercises is helping, It IS!) Be patient. It is a natural that our bodies sometimes go through old routines (historical aches and pains) and time will help reprogram old habits order to listen to our bodies, we must realize that first there our old habits that need to be broken and new ones that need to be started.

Get with it, and be encouraged, because this is something that you have control over, no Dr. remedy here but dedicating yourself to a new way of living, one for the betterment of yourself and longevity, thats what gives us reason to continue on. Spouses, family, friends all want to see your beautiful self!

God Bless, John. Kona-Hawaii.

John. Kona-Hawaii