No insurance since Nov. 2006

I fell and hit my head on a business trip and went without medical attention for 19 hrs. Got on a plane at pm on Nov.16
But I have Very high blood pressure 240/150. Now I have problems doing everything.I have a great Doctor but Now that I'm not working for that employer I anymore.t hey refused my workman's comp and i'm trying survive.But I end up spending 2 or 3 hundred cash on all our pills.My doctor says I'm Disabled and i'm in the paper work/medical records with The Social Security. I have to have my medicine or hurt all over.I had a MRI taking and I was Diagnosed with Degenerative Neck And lumbar.My hand cramps up, standing or sitting & Many more.I can barely buy food never mind our meds I do try to get the $3 scripts but not all of them are on that list. I have 10 different meds & my husband has 4. Please help or forward this to people I can get help from.

Joyce, Missouri
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