Patient Assistance Programs

It is an unfortunate reality that many uninsured people have trouble paying for their medications. Many people cannot get insurance because of poor health or pre-existing conditions, or because they simply can’t afford it. Medications aren’t cheap, especially for those people who have to take multiple medications per day. Not all have the option of using generic brand, or the generic brand is just as expensive as the name brand prescription. Many of these same people must suffer without medication or sacrifice the rest of their living expenses just to pay for the prescriptions. Luckily, there is help for those who cannot afford their prescriptions, and that is in the form or Patient Prescription Programs. Through these programs, those that are uninsured can get their prescriptions for free or at a very low price.

Prescription Assistant Programs are funded by major pharmaceutical companies and aid those who are in need. There are 475 public and private assistance programs, and 200 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. More than 2,500 medications are offered by these programs. Those qualified uninsured individuals can get help paying for their medications. Depending on the individual, this means getting the medication for free or at a very low cost. Help is available for children as well. The programs vary by state as do the qualifications to be eligible for the program. Not all medications are available through these programs. Only certain brand name drugs and generic drugs are available.

Finding the programs which provide free medication is quite simple. A list of the programs and free medicine that are covered by the programs is readily available online. You can simply go to a PAP website and search for programs and medication. Some even have applications for the program on the site itself. They will also list the requirements for eligibility as well. The program itself is free and will cost nothing to participants. Also, patients’ information is kept confidential. In order to qualify, an applicant must be uninsured or under insured, and must have a certain income. When applying it is a good idea to look over the Federal Poverty Guidelines. It is also good to plan ahead for refills (by flores at dhead). Some programs require a call from the doctor’s office for a refill, while others allow the patient to call in directly for a refill. Some may even require a new application.

There are millions of people who are uninsured and without life saving medications. Prescription Assistant Programs have aided millions of the people who are in serious need. More than a thousand national, state and local organizations have cooperated with the PPA to provide free medicine to those who need it. If you are someone who is need, see if you qualify for these programs today. You can simply visit the PPA website or call the number 1-888-4PPA-NOW to find out more information about these programs. You can also visit local clinics to get more information and to apply for the programs. There is no reason for anyone who cannot afford insurance to be without medication. nike air max 2015