So Sad !!!!

After 30 years of marriage, a divorce, failing health and no insurance!!!
I started work at age 13. Now at 57 have crippling arthritis,and no insurance!
Have had to refuse two very needed operations, and a pain med that would give me relief because I can't afford it and eat too!
I pay my Dr. 30.00 a month on a 95.00 a month office charge, 46.00 for a pain med that makes my pain tolerable (almost!) Pay rent, car insurance on my 95 Ford (36.00 a month) and Life insurance (29.00 a month) so my children don't have the burden to bury me. Don't have much left of 609.00 a month Soc. Sec. Disability after that!
Being ill and struggling with just existing instead of living
is getting harder all the time!
I think it is a disgrace that older, sick people in the U.S.A have to "exist" while young healthy people are getting pregnant, being given money and health cards, plus day care free…along with food stamps from our government! Not one time but several times for several children!!
What is wrong?!!!
Appreciate any help this card may give.
Thank God for your site and for prayers to encourage!!

Pam, Ohio