Strattera is my only hope

I'm 34, and I have struggled with A.D.D. throughout my life. It has always interfered with my chance for a good education, finding a job, and living my life to the fullest. I have been unemployed for almost a year because I have a very hard time finding and maintaining a steady job. My a.d.d. limits my ability to remember, and focus on even the simplest things in life. Any time I have ever gone on an interview for potential employment, I have not been able to to present myself as the right candidate for the position I've applied for. I can never think of the right words to say, or the right questions to ask, so many people misjudge the man I really am. I'm a very hard worker, but I've been turned down many times for jobs because of my learning disability. It's very frustrating when people won't give me the chance to prove myself. Because of all this, I can't even support my own family. I've had to depend on my disabled fiance to help me financially, and now she is unable to work due to her health problems. I am a part time student, but I'm struggling with my studies. A few years ago, my physician gave me free samples of Strattera, and it helped me TREMENDOUSLY! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to afford it because it is extremely EXPENSIVE. I really want to do well in college, and earn a bachelors degree so that I can have a career in the near future, and provide for my family. I have a prescription for Strattera, and my fiance' found this wonderful free prescription plan that will help me get it. Now after all these years, I know I'll have a good chance of fulfilling my dreams.

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