The Fountain of Youth

It's yours for free. No need to travel to foreign places. No need to read a book or go on a special diet. No special equipment, potions, pills, or exotic regimens. You don't need to join a special club or organization. Your age, weight, gender, or religious beliefs will not exclude you from its magic. In fact, it's absolutely free to everyone on the planet.

A drum roll please. Are you ready for the secret? OK, OK, without anymore delay, pleas hand me the envelope.

The answer is: EXERCISE.

That's right, get off your lazy butts and move it. Walk, run, jump, stretch, wash the car. mow the lawn, wash the windows, play ball with the kids, dance, shake a tail feather, any of it , all of it, just keep moving your body.

And in a short while, you will be healthier than you have been in a long time, an happier too.

Be careful who you tell this to, it could become a phenomenon.

Mark, Pennsylvania