to loose a loved one

I was married at 16 yrs old my husband was 19.We had 2 beautiful children a boy and a girl.My husband passed away at a very young age 34.I did remarry and had 2 more children a girl and a boy.I was once again widowed at age 36.My oldest child was 16 and my baby was 6 yrs old.I managed to survive.My oldest son married and had a beautiful little girl in 1999.He called me on Oct.31,2001 just a few weeks before her second birthday to tell me she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.My lil angel fought for 3 yrs loosing her battle in 2005.I am telling you all this because i have a brother who recently had a heart attack.He has always been a hard worker.He worked farm labor has no insurance.His presriptions are much he cant get them.He needs these to live.They put a metal stent veins so he needs these meds.My father and I paid for the first one my dad is 80.We cant pay for them either.My brother is almost done with his meds and I am so scared for him.Someone please help us.I dont want to loose my brother too.I feel so helpless.

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