Where is the Real Help When You Need

My husband and I are born American Citizens and are a hardworking couple with children. We had a business that turned out not to be successful due to others not paying us for our services. In that, we came close to losing everything. We did not have health insurance nor could we afford it at this time. I needed to get my prescription refilled and tried to get some government assistance as a one time deal, oddly enough it was for birth control, with an 8 month old and both at 40, the risk of pregnancy was not a light subject for us. However, after spending a week trying to get some short term help for this immediate need was unbelievable, especially after all those years paying into the system (my husband and I had both been working since 14 and we have instilled the value of working to our children). So here we are looking for a prescription plan that we can get the medicine we need at a discount.

Vicky, Virginia