Lisinopril Caused Kidney Failure

I was on Lisinopril for less than 3 weeks and it caused me to go into kidney failure. Please have your doctor do blood work to check on your kidney function, so you don’t have to go through what I have. It has been 5 months since my kidneys failed and I am finally starting to get better, the kidney damage was reversible, thank goodness.

Pam M, Washington

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  1. m k juby Says:

    My doctor stupidly prescribed Lisinopril for fluid retention. I took one pill - my kidneys shut down for 8 hours & my body swelled with fluid. I was in agony. A month later my kidneys are still not back to normal & I am told I must see a renal specialist. My liver function has also been compromised. I had a blood test a few weeks before taking Lisinopril & both kidneys & liver were normal. This is a very dangerous drug & I feel it should be banned.

  2. r e thomas Says:

    I returned a few hours ago from being in the hospital 4+ days for complete renal failure. Most of the docs did not know what caused the problem until a nephrologogist was brought on the scene after roughly 2 days of failure. He determined it was the lisonopril that I’d been on for a copule of years. I was taking a minimal 5mg daily. He had a similar situation with someone else within the past month. In my case, luckily, my kidney function returned quickly with proper treatment.

  3. Phyllis Robinson Says:

    This medication is absolutely dangerous. Go to and see all of the thousands of complaints about Lisinopriol. I am still recovering from that poison. By the way, did you all know that this medication is made from a poisonous Brazil Pit Viper snake?

  4. Leah Says:

    I have just found out that I have stage 3 kidney damage. I was on lisinopril for high blood presure for a few months about 3 years ago. I have numerous health issue and too much medication. I just changed to a new pcp doctor and he started checking everything that has been going on with my health, now I have to hope that I can have medication and diet to treat it or I will be on Dyalisis. I would like to know more about this.

  5. Kristen Knight Says:

    My father died, at the age of 60, after being prescribed both Metformin and Lisinopril. He had Congestive Heart Failure and diabetes, which are contraindications for use of both drugs. He had NEVER had kidney trouble in his life - that we know of. Once I received the medical records from the prescribing doctor, I see that his creatinine levels shot from 1.2 to 2.5 to 4.1, at which time he was admitted to the hospital with acute tubular necrosis (kidney death). He died 3 months later - bloated, unable to breath and in agony. The doctor NEVER addressed the rising creatinine levels, nor did he discontinue use of the drugs, and my dad is gone as a result. This medication is VERY dangerous. Needless to say, I\’m suing the doctor. I\’m also going to sue the pharmaceutical company. Class-action, anyone? I can be contacted at Thanks.

  6. Daphne LeMoine Says:

    Hey guys and gals….

    I was put from 25mg of Lisinapril once a day to 25mg twice a day and told my cardiologist would see me in six months. I just got out of the hospital with renal failure. Has anyone started a class action suit yet? I have plenty of time to work on this if you are with me…..

  7. timothy roark Says:

    I just got out of the hospitol with renal kidney failure after taking lisinopril for less than 10 days, of which I took 2 days off because they made me so sick,but over Easter my pharmacist couisin told me to continue the doctors treatment, which I did and returnef to him almost dead 4 days later where he immeditely did blood and urinre work and sent me to the.hospitol. The did everythig from plsma retosis to disaysis and cut on me. Currentely I have been releases and taken my fist disalysis treatment out of the hospitol. I do not look forward to a life like this or a kidney transplant, Please get teasted before ypu start treatment with this drug. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I believe in miracles and prayer, but am also a realist, my whole life turned upside down within 2 weeks and amonth and I really am about lost. Tim in KY

  8. Amber Manges Says:

    My husband is 25, he is a non-diabetic, a little overweight, but otherwise healthy, except for the elevated B/P. He called me from work this morning said he felt super weird the list of symptoms goes on and on, but he is now in the hospital because they say he has renal failure. I do not understand how this could happen. If anyone has any thoughts, or suggestions, or questions I should ask the doctor in the morning, please e-mail me. I am afraid for my life as I know it. My e-mail is Thanks, Amber Manges

  9. Daleen Palmer Says:

    I, too, experienced severe negative reactions on Lisinopril. I took it for about six weeks and one day literally felt like my organs were shutting down. Two days later my MD pulled me off this deadly med. I\’ve since found that Asparagus Extract is like a miracle tonic for kidneys. Herbal Healer Academy sells a high quality tea and capsule. Testimonies indicate people who have been on dialysis, after taking this extract, found their kidneys beginning to function again. Please research this!

  10. Todd Templin Says:

    I just got diagnosed with Hyrdophrenosis, a kidney disorder which is a condition where the kidney does not fully drain of urine. My doctor also put me on Lisinopril four months ago. It appears my kidney problems started sometime after that. Based on what I’m reading here, I’m thinking that maybe there’s a connection. I’ve been off of the drug for a week now and will get tested in one more week. If anyone has any thoughts on this, let me know

  11. jerome zeratsky Says:

    I was put on 20mg of lisinopril last year. My blood tests were coming up increased potassium levels .I wonder if this snake venom is causing this?

  12. Jade Says:

    I just came out of the hospital with stage 5 renal failure and am on dialysis now waiting for a transplant. I was prescribed Lisonopril in the hospital for my blood pressure will it make my kidneys worse?

  13. marilyn c Says:

    Lisinopril made me very ill, fatiqued, bloody noses, aches all over. I felt like I had the flue but worse… It is almost impossible to get it out of your system. Do Not Take This Medicine!!!

  14. ucheoljeong Says:


  15. Dave G Says:

    I’ve been on metformin for diabetes and lisinopril for high blood pressure for over a year now with no major side effects

  16. Bobbie A Says:

    I just got out of the hospital after a 5 day stay for complete renal failure. I had only been on Lisinipril for about 10 days and the 2 days before renal failure I couldn\’t stay awake at work, I had gained 10 pounds of fluids, could barely remember my own name and suffered extreme dehydration and confusion. Lisinipril should be pulled from the market. Nobody told me when prescribing it that I should be looking for kidney failure. By the day I went to the hospital as an emergency with blood pressure 60/42 and can\’t really remember the next 2 days. My family was told that the way I was crashing they didn\’t know if I would make it and would be an invalid and on dyalisis for the rest of my life. Thank God after 2 days my kidneys starting functioning again and each day I felt a little better so the extreme confusion is improving. Judging from the entries on this page - lisinipril should be taken off the market with such a high rate of causing kidney failure. I\’m lucky and they say I don\’t have any permanent kidney though I need blood tests on a regular basis for the next year to make sure I don\’t experience this again. I would definitely be interested in joining a class action law suit againt the manufacturer of this medicine. I see some other people have mentioned it too and I would be happy to discuss this with you. I can be contacted at This is a very dangerous medication and should be taken off the market. Perhaps we should begin bombarding the FDA about this \

  17. Becky Says:

    I have been on Lisinopril for 8 years. After being rushed to the hospital for side affects from Lipotor I decided to look up Lininopril and body aches etc. For years, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it’s all in my head. It started off with jerking of arm and leg muscles, stroke like signs in face, stomach pain, very tired, no energy, and when ever I did do something just a little physical, I would be down for about 2 days. Constant shooting pains in arms and legs. Just about everything you could think of. When looked on line for this med, saw tons of horror stories. I have been off the med for about 2 1/2 weeks and feel so much better. It is like someone gave me a new pair of legs. Am able to do grocery shopping without pain. Able to sleep. Still have a little pain but nothing like before. My doctor (a new one) could not believe that this was what was causing all my pain. She said I looked like a new person at our last visit. Have to change my diet and stop smoking, but if it is going to keep all of that away, then I will. I will never put another blood pressure med in my system again. This med. is very dangerous to some people. The company should have to compansate the sufferers for something. 8 years of my life completed waisted. And I am not exagerating.

  18. L. Young Says:

    Daleen Palmer or anyone else -
    I would like to know if the Asparagus Extract has been working for your
    high blood pressure?
    I am interested in taking that and just had researched that.
    I have not been the same since I tried Lisinapral for high blood pressure.
    I also tried cardoville for high blood pressure.

  19. Tony Degn Says:

    I too have kidney failure from being on Lisinopril! Is there a class action suit in action regarding this drug?

  20. Linda Says:

    My Husband was put on Lisinopril 20mg twice a day 7 years ago and he is at stage 4 renal Kidney Failure now. We keep asking the Doctors and the doctor at the Kidney Center if any of his medications he is taking was the cause of his Kidney Failure not one told us it was the Lisinpril until we saw his Heart doctor the other day and he ask us if his kidney knew he was on Lisinopril and told us there was other drugs he could be taking that would work and not cause the kidney failure. He is also a diabetic and he was DAMAGED WITH GENTAMICIN in 2002 Another drug you should Watch OUT FOR. It Destroyed his life.

  21. Brandy Says:

    My husband had kidney failure from the Lisinopril 2 days ago and had to be revived. My husbands fingertips were blue as his mouth. He had taken all his meds and when his kidneys went into shut down he over dosed on his meds because they could not be filtered through his kidneys. He stayed in ICU for one day and was released after 25 hours. I feel like the doctors and companies who make these drugs should be sued due to the lack of study in diabetic patients and lack of study in side effects. I need some advice on what I can do! Please contact me at

  22. Anders Says:

    I had kidney disease which was caused by my use of Lisinopril for almost 3 months. Had sever cough from Lisinipril, which was thought to be flu. My resulting kidney disease required a kidney transplant almost two years ago and finally I am back to normal. Again.

    Kidney failure - that is a heck of a side effect.

  23. Mike bayne Says:

    Was on Lisinopril for 3 weeks. Total renal failure. have been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks 1 week at a very bad hospital 1 week at a good hospital on dialysis they don’t know if my kidneys will recover. felt weird and doctor told me to stay on it after 1 week. First Nephrologist didn’t do anything but pump me with fluids and wait. They took biopsy’s of my lymph nodes and kidneys. hope all is well. They put stints in at first hospital lets see what happens.

  24. Denise Says:

    I am so sorry to hear all these horror stories from this horrible drug.m My boyfriend took Lisinopril for less than a month and got very sick with many side effects and then went into renal failure.Biopsy of his kidneys confirmed it was from Lisinopril.He is now on dialysis praying his kidneys will work again on their own.Doctors did not want to admit it was from Lisinopril but that biopsy confirmed it.This stuff is like poison…We are living a nightmare due to this evil drug…We are for sure contacting a lawyer.My email is if you have any advice from your experience.

  25. Fabienne Says:

    I started to take 10 mg. of Lisinopril in May, and July 21st I had an ultra sound done on my kidneys. The report says my right kidney is smaller than the left, and may never have functioned–but my left–and only functioning kidney–is down to 35%! The nephrologist I saw did say to take only 5mg. of Lisinopril a day–and he recommended that I go off it entirely. After reading this–I will, and pray that I regain more function of my good kidney!!! Thank you to all that have shared their unfortunate stories–and I know what anguish you all have suffered.

  26. Kelly Says:

    I am really scared. I took 1 20mg Lisinopril last night and today noticed dark (like dark, dark tea) colored urine. I have had kidney probs in the past but could this drug have stirred all of this up or is it just a coincidence? Anyone else had bloody urine?

  27. Fabienne Says:

    Look at . What you mentioned is a severe side effect and you need to call your doctor.

  28. bob Says:

    I have been taking 5mg a day for several weeks now…my blood pressure was a little high and I was having heart palpatations at night and was unable to sleep to my doctor put me on it. I’ve been feeling very tired and sometimes my body feels weak. I stopped taking lisinopril yesterday but had to take one tablet today because my blood pressure went up and I was feeling bad.

    I’m going in next week for my blood and urine tests. I hope it turns out ok, I have been taking a small dose 5 mg. I hope with diet to lose some weight and bring down my blood pressure. But it’s so hard to get going in the morning to do my walks. I also have had days when I ache all over but my doctor thinks it is arthritis. I plan to get off this med soon.

  29. Ramona Says:

    I just got out of the hospital for Renal Failure with a potassium level of 9.4, which I’m told should have killed me. I too have been taking Lisinopril & was told by my doctor in the hospital that Lisinopril is probably the cause of my kidney failure & told me to stop taking it. Doing research, I found too that taking Lisinopril with potassium supplements & diuretics can raise your potassium levels to dangerous levels.

  30. Jessica Says:

    My partner was prescribed Lisinopril in early December 2010 for high blook pressure treatment. We also immediately started daily workouts and a healthy diet. Blood tests when he started Lisinopril indicated healthy AST and ALT (kidney enzyme levels) but when he went in this week his blood pressure was even higher and the kidney ensyzmes were above the acceptable levels. His doctor asked him if he’d been drinking!! His doctor mentioned that it was odd and that he hadn’t heard of any kidney related side effects and recommended he increase his Lisinopril dose. We went home and started our research and he stopped taking Lisinopril the next day. After just two days the blood pressure levels are almost normal, but we don’t know if he needs to go in for another blood test. Sounds like a bad medication and poor doctoring.

  31. shylin09 Says:

    So its my day three of taking Lisinopril and hydrochlorothiazide 10mg/ only 20. Within two hours of taking the first pill i was super tired and weak.On day two i went to work at 6PM and suffered threw 3 hours of work before leaving early because i was too weak to lift anything, and every time i went to pick something up out of the floor i got dizzy. today was day three and i was still so weak i stayed home from work and asked for leave of absence papers. though im seriously wandering if my doctor will even give me leave, without having to go back to the doctor for another visit. i have no insurance and 64 dollars a visit kills me on a part time job salary. i went to the grocery store and almost couldn’t lift my groceries into the truck. so its a good thing i wasnt driving, if i walk around the house my pulse jumps up really high it was 145 and one point today. my mom is also taking Lisinopril 40mg. she said she felt weak the first weak too but im so weak i cant work and im not sure what to do. so im calling my doctor tomorrow and im gonna go to bed now.

  32. JustinMillsap Says:

    I just got prescribed this med 5 days ago for high blood pressure. Two hours after taking the first pill I started having kidney pains. I called the next day and doc said that was\\\’nt a side effect and to keep taking it. Well couple days later still kidney pains and called again and he said i caught a bug WTF. It\\\’s day six and I am not gonna take this med no more. I am about to go to the hospital to get a new med and find out the problem!

  33. Pat & Lill McCray Says:

    Lisinopril is a deadly drug that can cause renal failure and heart disease. My husband is diabetic and prescribed this drug for 4 years, 40 mg once daily. He went to hospital because of infected ulcer in foot and had to have amputation but they found severely high potassium levels in his blood and his kidneys were not fuctioning properly at all. A kidney specialist came in to talk to him in ER and told him how deadly the level of potassium he tested and they had to get it down before they could do anything, he was also told by this specialist that is was the Lisinopril that was causing his health issues and took him off it immediately. Within, I believe about 3 days they almost had the potassium levels under control but not before damage was done. They ran every test under the sun and found all sorts of issues that had to be stablized before surgery. Namely to say, they also found a heart abnormality which we were told was in the lower heart chamber, at the moment we know no more as he has to follow up with all kinds of specialists and the surgery was performed while the heart specialist was in the OR to make sure his heart did not stop or go into any type arrhythymia. First doctor appt. will be this coming Friday and then we have to go from there to see what all the damage is that was done by this deadly Lisinopril which he took for 4 years at 40 mgs. So surprised that there aren’t more problems but very well may be once all is said and done.

  34. joyce bowers Says:

    my fater had no kidney problems until he started taking lisinopril 3 weeks later his kidneys were gone.

  35. Janet Kaye Says:

    7.5 months ago I took one 5mg tablet of linosipril. Within 12 hrs I was in kidney failure. ALL my tests in advance showed normal kidney functions. It took me 6 weeks to recover. None of the medical professionals I’ve consulted have any idea why this happened. I will never take another ace inhibitor & continue to look for clues so I can gain more understanding.

  36. Neil Bubbers Says:

    You people just have no clue. “Lisinopril is evil, who do i sue?” This drug has proven efficacy in lowering blood pressure, reducing mortality rates, oh, and slowing the progression of proteinuria, which is why this drug is considered “renal protective” aka protects the kidneys.

    Just because you start lisinopril and start having kidney issues doesn’t mean lisinopril caused the issues. Millions have taken this drug without issues, and it has prolonged many lives.

  37. Bob Says:

    My doc took me off Lisinopril (for blood pressure) when he saw increased protein levels in my urine. He said it was damaging my kidneys.

  38. Virginia Says:

    I started taking lisiniprol 4 days ago and yesterday I had my kidney function tested yesterday (which was normal 1 month ago) and it had a reading of someone in stage 3 kidney disease. My doctor called me and told me to stop taking it immediately. I am hoping that my kidney function comes back because right now I am miserable. I can barely function. I feel like I have the flu x 100.

  39. Eileen Says:

    My husband started on Lisinopril 2.5 mg 11 months ago. Now he is suffering from gout which he never had as he is vegetarian. We stopped the med and will need to do hemodyalisis.

    Look at the FDA web site for all the 16 pages of side effects from this dangerous drug.

  40. TashaB Says:

    I took Linsiporil for 3 weeks, my creatinine levels shot up to an 3.7. My doctors sent me to a neph who took me off the meds. from 11/20-1/7 my levels have dropped to 1.4 and I was diagnosed with ARF. Are there any hopes of my kidneys regaining normal function?

  41. Peter Says:

    I was on Lisinopril and ended up in the emergency room with dangerous atrial fibrillation. My heart rate was 160 when I got to the emergency room with my heart beating very abnormally. I was put on Metroprolol and after 24 hours my rhythm was back to normal but suffered ill-effects up to 3 months after discontinuing the drug. I would not recommend this drug to anyone. Find another medication. This is a dangerous drug, in my opinion.


  42. Pat Says:

    I took 13 tablets of Lisinopril and suffered over 85% of my body covered with boils, blisters, sores, rashes, leisions and flesh falling from my body. the skin erosion was diagnosed as \\

  43. Patti Powell Says:

    This is a very Dangerous Drug. My husband got sick and was talking all out of his head right before Easter I took him to the VA Emergency Room where we fournd out he was in renal failure and the reasoning the Dr said was the Lisinipril after a 4 daystay in the Hospital he was discharged and doing much better with his meds changed. exact;y 1 motnth later I was taken to the Hospital for passing out and a blood pressure of 53/33 after being placed in ICU the Dr told me I was In Kidney Failure and that I was looking at dyalisis Thank God after 3 days I was almost back to Normal The Dr told me he had seen 15-20 cases of this just in the ;ast 2 months What are the odds of my husband and I both go through the same things and we have differant Drs. I would like to kmow if theres a law suite going on or do I need to start one when I was released I was informed just how lucky I was that I was still alive/ MY husband and I are not taking this lightly and believe that something needs to be done any info please email me

  44. Pat Says:

    Lisinopril nearly cost me my life. After taking only 13 tablets ( one daily) following my doctors orders, I developed a terrible skin erosion called Lichen Planus. The chronic skin erosion caused me to have sores, blisters, boils, lesions and rashes over 85% of my body. my flesh was falling off of my body like fish scales and sometimes as big as the palm of my hand; the itching was intense no relief at all. I suffered large bullocks on my buttocks and huge sores on my back, legs, thighs, breast, neck, scalp and mouth, everywhere on my body except my face ( I call it divine intervention). I had to be hospitalized for several weeks and was told had I not been admitted into the hospital at the time I arrived they would have been “planning my funeral. This happened in 2009 and the scares are still as though it happened yesterday. I know longer enjoy my life as I once did because of the terrible scares I encountered from this evil drug. Why can’t something be done to stop the drug manufacturing company from making a drug that is causing so many drug related illnesses. I have a lawsuit pending but am told it is hard to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in North Carolina. Only God can help us.

  45. Michelle Vought Says:

    My son who is 24 was giving a Rx of Lisinopril 10mg on 8/5/2013 he took 2 pills a day for 4 days so a grand total of 8 pills. He was given this medication for his blood pressure which was elevated the day he went to the doctor for a check up. He had no symptoms except he was having really bad headaches. He was put into ICU on the 8th and they are telling up his Kidneys are only functioning @20% his creatine levels were 5.1 and have only dropped to 4.7 as of this morning. Tomorrow they will be doing a kidney biopsy on him. The team of doctors are saying that they are 100% sure the they don’t know the full extent of damage as if yet but it will be permanent. They are saying that he should be ready for dialysis and most likely a kidney transplant. This is so unreal and I’m really having a hard time wrapping my brain around it all. They have said and I quote “this was caused from taking Lisinopril” so I had to investigate and google this drug! And I found this site! How in the world can they keep giving this deadly medication out. This is not the only site I’ve found with people having this same problems from this same medication. And yes his Potassium levels are off the chart. I’m truly at a loss for words. If anyone has gone thru this and would care to share any and all information with me I would Appreciate it so much. My email address is I will keep you all in our prayers as well

  46. Jim Says:

    I have been on Lisinopril for exactly one year. I went in for my annual physical and a day later the doctor called me and wanted to see me right away to have a urine test for protein. Doc said my kidney levels were so bad that I should be on dialysis. She then asked what had changed over the past year to make my kidneys so bad and all that chnanged was the perscription for Lisinopril form my physiclal a year prior. Now I have to go back in a week for more blood work after being off the script and I am praying that my kidneys show some improvement but I have a feeling it is too late. What other meds are out there for high blood pressure that won’t destroy other vital organs?

  47. charlie Says:

    My brother is now on dialysis, just about two months now. He is a diabetic and has high blood pressure. He was on lisinopril for years and had some side effects from the drug, but his doctor continued on the medicine, even increasing it. Of course now he has kidney failure and will be on dialysis indefinitely. My other brother insists we see a lawyer, especially since the specialist questioned him about lisinopril and indicated it might not have been the right drug for him. Does anyone know of any class lawsuit with this drug and kidney failure. I have found that the company is being sued for a connection with liver failure. Thank you. Charlie

  48. Kathy Childers Says:

    Started taking lisinopril in 2011, both kidneys shut 90%, went through numerous surgeries for the right kidney! they removed my left kidney in Janurary 2014

  49. Judith Beachler Says:

    I would also join in on a law suite against lisinopril. I was on it for about 2 yrs and my dr had me on 80 mg for awhile then slowly lowered it to 20mg. I am and always will be in stage 3 kidney failure according to the Kidney Dr. Will be in this stage the rest of my life. So will be doing blood tests on a regular basis to insure it goes no further. If so will be looking at a biopsy and then dialysis. This drug should not be on the market in my opinion.

  50. Judith Beachler Says:

    Forgot to include was on it for high blood pressure.

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