No Money For Meds

Need medication, no job to pay for meds due to disability; been depending on medication samples and borrowing money for medical expenses when available. Don’t take meds when there‚Äôs no money to buy them or only buy enough to get by. Unqualified for Social Security help and unable to work due to declining health and poor mobility.

LJ., South Carolina

2 Responses to “No Money For Meds”

  1. Sandra Beaman Says:

    I just started drawing unemployemnt, well make first call, I live alone. I no long have medical insurance and can’t afford to go to doctor. I still have my old medication bottle showing the doctor who gave medication. I have history of bipolar. use to be with HMHR but no long. I was trying to made a job change in hopes of bettering myself . I gave notice to my old job and was figured I would be ok, but new job let me go after 6 days. That was not what I expect. Now I don’t have job or medical coverage. and I run out my meds to keep my head straight. It scares me being with out the Lamicatal. I don’t what to do or how get help. If you have any advise please tell me
    Sandra beaman aka Hopeless

  2. Donna Marie Says:

    Hey Sandra,
    check out bridges to access website to sign up to receive your meds for free. Its simple and at no cost to you. take care

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