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  • I can’t work or afford my medicine Posted On: March 12, 2007

    I am 50 years old and worked all my life. Now i am really weak from a high thyroid. I really need help for my thyroid medications. I have no job and no income. I am living with a friend…

  • Contraceptives Posted On: March 12, 2007

    My daughters have had mild to moderate acne problems for years. They started taking a low dose contraceptive and within a few months their acne cleared up and well as regulating their monthly periods. They haven't had any problems with…

  • Need Help Posted On: March 12, 2007

    In January due to a force reduction, I lost my high technology job and the insurance benefits that went with it. I am 54 years old. I have asthma, high-blood pressure and dry eye. For all of these conditions, I…

  • dying and need medication Posted On: March 12, 2007

    I am 67 yrs old and have no prescription coverage because I missed the Medicaid cut off date! now I need a bone marrow transplant and don't know where to turn! So I am hoping this program will help. I…

  • stomatits Posted On: March 12, 2007

    I currently have stomatitis, a virual infection. It hurts most of the time and even when I talk it is very hurtful. I went to the doctor and the doctor gave me a couple prescriptions hoping that the problem, will…

  • Allergies Posted On: March 12, 2007

    Taking Zyrtec D has allowed me to discontinue my weekly allergy shots. I have struggled with asthma and ear infections for many years. I have had tubes put into my ears and had numerous rounds of antibiotics. Actually, I became…

  • High Deductibles for Medicines Posted On: March 12, 2007

    We are self-employed so we pay out of pocket for our health insurance. With the high cost of prescriptions and a high prescription deductible, we could use some help in obtaining medicines. Thankfully, we are healthy and do not require…


This is an incredible organization. Thank you for your concern of others! Sarah V.Community Support Specialist, KS
Great Program! Very Much Needed!
Pattie S., Case Manager, Community Outreach Program, AK

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I think it is great that you are providing such a wonderful service. We fill out forms from patients to receive Rx on a weekly basis.
Dr. Emanuel R., KY

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