ADHD Heart Health Concerns

The tension surrounding popular medications used to relieve the symptoms ADHD was recently relieved as researchers in the United Stated declared that they do not increase risk of death due to stroke or heart attacks in adults.
Similarly, a study involving teenagers also found that the same risks were also not increased in that group.
The ADHD symptoms include distraction, restlessness and impulsiveness. Although there is no known cure for the condition symptoms can be controlled by combining therapy with stimulant medication.
Because these medications can increase symptoms of heart problems such as heart rate and blood pressure there has been concerns of large issues. Past reports have suggested that there may be increased risk of stroke, cardiac arrest and other conditions.
Because of the large number of patients, including children, involved in the treatment of ADHD health concerns have arisen.
The most recent studies have looked into a large number of patients who display signs of hyperactivity from a number of demographics. The main focus of the study was to compare patients who were taking medications had any higher risk of heart health issues than those patients who did not. Another factor that was considered was any change in health risk factors among medication users when they were actively using the medications or not.
The results of the study concluded that there was no evidence of cardiovascular health risks in users of the medications. The risks appeared to be about the same in those who were currently using the drugs as they were about a year after the use was stopped.
The study does not completely rule out all factor of risk, it is a large step towards peace of mind on the subject matter. Although the the data was analyzed is not completely without imperfection it is not likely that significantly different results will be found.