Birth Control Plan B

There has been proposal made to let emergency contraceptives be sold over the counter. If this proposal is passed, Plan b could have been sold to teenagers under the age of 16.

The pill, which is also referred to as Plan B one-step can be obtained without a prescription as long as the patient is over the age of 17. Girls who are under the age of 16 are able to get Plan B with a prescription. Some states allow the pharmacist to write the prescription on the spot. If a woman takes the pill after having unprotected sex, then her chances of getting pregnant are cut in half.

Kathleen Sibelius, who is the secretary for Health and Human services is trying to overrule the proposal made by the Food and Drug Administration. She believes that parents should be involved in their children’s decision to get birth control Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg disagrees. She believes that all young women should have easy access to Plan B.

Sibelius contacted Dr. Hamburg and stated that she did not agree with this proposal. Sibelius is especially concerned about the fact that girls as young as ten or eleven can have access to this pill.

Studies have shown that women do not take emergency contraceptive after having unprotected sex. Many women do not fully understand the risks that come along with having unprotected sex. Forty percent of children today are born outside of wedlock. Half of all pregnancies are unplanned. Additionally, approximately two percent of pregnancies are ended in abortion.

Plan B has about 1.5 milligrams of synthetic progesterone. That is lower than most other contraceptives. The sooner that a woman takes the pill, the more effective it will be. This medication works by preventing ovulation. It may also help prevent the fertilized egg from attaching tot he uterus. Plan B will not work if pregnancy has already occurred.

Plan B first came on the market in 1999. In 2003, a push began to make it available over-the-counter. In 2008, women who were 18 or over could buy this medication over the counter. The following year, the age restriction was lowered to 17.