When to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident  

Accidents are common, and with many incompetent drivers on our roads, avoiding an accident becomes a challenge. If your car gets hit by a fellow motorist, among the top things you should do is inform your insurance company. However, as much as your hopes after an accident of getting compensated would be high, chances are, the insurer might decide to frustrate your efforts and not pay. Similarly, the insurance company may undervalue your car, something you shouldn’t accede to happen. You may deem it fit to sue your insurance company yourself. But, having a legal practitioner holding your arm as you maneuver the corridors of justice would be needful. So, when should you consider hiring an attorney after a car accident in New York? Below are instances you should never forfeit to seek
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Whiplash Injury After A Car Accident

When you seek medical attention after an accident, doctors typically examine you to determine if you have suffered any broken bones. If you have not experienced any broken bones, but you are still in pain, the doctor will then check your spine for any herniated disc. If you are still in pain but have not suffered any broken bones or herniated disc, you have probably sustained a soft tissue injury. A soft tissue injury is a trauma that occurs to a muscle, ligament, tendon, or other connective tissue that is not bone. Whiplash is one of the most common soft tissue injuries sustained during a car accident. While many whiplash injuries are not
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The Most Important Immunization For Adults

Do not blame adults: adult vaccinations are trickier to organize than the standard immunizations that children receive.

Nobody likes to have a shot, but according to the CDC most adults dislike having vaccinations almost as much as kids do. Every year 45,000 United States residents die from diseases that could have prevented by vaccinations. Immunization for adults is important because people can protect themselves from tetanus, acellus pertussis, human papillomavirus, diphtheria, shingles and other serious diseases.

Women are responding well to HPV advertisements, which promote vaccination programs to prevent the human papillomavirus. Many women have decided to get the HPV vaccination

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How Effective Are Sutent And Avastin?

Michigan’sComprehensiveCancerCentercarried out a recent study published in the early edition of a paer produced by the National Academy of Sciences. The study determined that because Sutent and Avastin, two drugs used for treating breast cancer, stimulate cancer stem cells present in breast tumors, they do not increase your chances of living longer.

Although the drugs minimize cancer tumors, the cancer simply starts to spread again after some time, and study author Max Wicha MD points out that the drugs do not necessarily mean a higher survival rate, despite the fact that they delay tumor recurrence.

Wicha also points out that the agents will have to be combined with cancer stem cell

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Stem Cell Research Therapy Promising For Macular Degeneration

A study in its early stages is a ground breaking moment nevertheless, although it is a very small study and is concerned only with safety considerations in embryonic stem cell therapy.

InLondon, at theMoorfieldEyeHospital, where a parallel trial is in operation, a British man is now undergoing embryonic stem cell research therapy and he is the first European to receive such treatment.

In theUnited Statesstudy arm, both women in the trials suffer from one of the macular degeneration forms that result in retinal cells dying and losing central vision.

The first woman, in her 70s, has dry macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss in the West.

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