Causes Of Cervical Cancer

Finding effective treatment for cervix cancer is a tall order for contemporary scientists. Two vaccines have recently been developed that help protect women against contracting human Pappinola virus (“HPV”), a known factor in most cervical cancer cases.

Although precise causes of cervical cancer remain undetermined, prevailing medical consensus overwhelmingly indicates that early detection and accurate information about the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer drastically decreases its incidence.

Current medical protocol strongly suggests that all women over 30 years of age have an annual Pap Smear to check for carcinoma of cervix development. Patients whose test results are norma

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Using Magnetic Treatment For Stroke Victims

When people suffer a stroke it is usually experienced on the right half of the brain, but affects the left half of the body. The recovery process for this affliction can include magnetic treatment. This process uses a magnetic coil strapped against the outer scalp. The electric current the coil carries, is designed to reach the inner nerve cells of the brain and stimulate them.

This process was devised as a means to bring balance back to both sides of the brain. What often occurs during a stroke is the disruption of balance, which leaves one side with an overload of activity.

In clinical studies involving the rehabilitation of stroke victims, two groups were formed. One group received

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Dental Centers Offering Affordable Dental Services

An increased demand for dental care is currently being fueled by the current economic crisis that has led to workers losing their jobs without health benefits including dental benefits. According to Dr. Steven P. Calawa job most of the people in the society cannot afford dental services in private dental offices as they have become very expensive. Most of the children visiting the clinic lack dental insurance programs that can cater for their dental needs according to Dedra Twomey, the clinic’s manager.

Dr Calawa, who is partially retired, recently joined the Greater Nashua Dental Connection which is an affordable option for dental care. He explained that the work in the clinic has been the most gratifying work he has d

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Treatments For MS Under Review After Patient Dies

On Nov. 23, a patient taking Gilenya for treatment of multiple sclerosis has died, according to Novartis AG. Gilenya is one of the latest MS treatments and the first available in pill form to threat this neurological disorder.

It is still unclear what role, if any, Gilyena played in the death. According to Eric Althoff, the official spokesperson for Novartis, it is the first such incident reported within 24 hours of beginning treatment. In excess of 28,000 patients have been treated with the drug.

Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Tim Anderson informed investors it is too early to tell whether this incident will negatively affect the decision to prescribe the drug when considering treatment

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ADHD Heart Health Concerns

The tension surrounding popular medications used to relieve the symptoms ADHD was recently relieved as researchers in the United Stated declared that they do not increase risk of death due to stroke or heart attacks in adults. Similarly, a study involving teenagers also found that the same risks were also not increased in that group. The ADHD symptoms include distraction, restlessness and impulsiveness. Although there is no known cure for the condition symptoms can be controlled by combining therapy with stimulant medication. Because these medications can increase symptoms of heart problems such as heart rate and blood pressure there has been concerns of large issues. Past reports have suggested that there may be increased risk of stroke, cardiac arrest a

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