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  • The Most Important Immunization For Adults Posted On: February 6, 2012

    Do not blame adults: adult vaccinations are trickier to organize than the standard immunizations that children receive. Nobody likes to have a shot, but according to the CDC most adults dislike having vaccinations almost as much as kids do. Every…

  • How Effective Are Sutent And Avastin? Posted On: January 30, 2012

    Michigan’sComprehensiveCancerCentercarried out a recent study published in the early edition of a paer produced by the National Academy of Sciences. The study determined that because Sutent and Avastin, two drugs used for treating breast cancer, stimulate cancer stem cells present…

  • Stem Cell Research Therapy Promising For Macular Degeneration Posted On: January 26, 2012

    A study in its early stages is a ground breaking moment nevertheless, although it is a very small study and is concerned only with safety considerations in embryonic stem cell therapy. InLondon, at theMoorfieldEyeHospital, where a parallel trial is in…

  • Multi-Drug Resistant TB Found In India Posted On: January 18, 2012

    Doctors in India have made reports of their countries initial cases of resistant TB. This strain of tuberculosis is a long feared form of the killer lung disease that is virtually untreatable. Such cases have also been documented in both…

  • Best Ways To Reduce Cholesterol Posted On: January 12, 2012

    There has been evidence that statin drugs increase the risk for developing diabetes in older women. Statin drugs are a very popular class of medication that is used among many ways to reduce cholesterol levels. They alter the way that…

  • New Neck and Back Pain Management Tips (2019) Posted On: January 5, 2012

    The most effective techniques of relieving neck pain include at-home exercises and spinal manipulation. These options are often better than relying on drugs for pain relief. However, it is essential to note that back pain relief treatment depends on the…

  • A New Treatment For Ovarian Cancer Posted On: December 27, 2011

    Avastin, or bevacizumab is about to be used as a method of treating cancer, following surgery, and in conjunction with standard treatment for chemotherapy. Roche recently made the announcement, following the approval by the European Union to use it for…


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