The Most Important Immunization For Adults

Do not blame adults: adult vaccinations are trickier to organize than the standard immunizations that children receive.

Nobody likes to have a shot, but according to the CDC most adults dislike having vaccinations almost as much as kids do. Every year 45,000 United States residents die from diseases that could have prevented by vaccinations. Immunization for adults is important because people can protect themselves from tetanus, acellus pertussis, human papillomavirus, diphtheria, shingles and other serious diseases.

Women are responding well to HPV advertisements, which promote vaccination programs to prevent the human papillomavirus. Many women have decided to get the HPV vaccination for adults. The vaccine protects women from 70% of cervical cancers. Many older men and women are also choosing to protect themselves by getting the shingles vaccination for adults.

Many people do not concern themselves with a vaccine for adults until they go on an exotic vacation or have a high-risk health condition. Adults should make sure that they have received all of their childhood vaccinations and that they get their get tetanus shot every ten years. They should also talk to their physician about which vaccines they need to have before traveling to different countries.