Using Magnetic Treatment For Stroke Victims

When people suffer a stroke it is usually experienced on the right half of the brain, but affects the left half of the body. The recovery process for this affliction can include magnetic treatment. This process uses a magnetic coil strapped against the outer scalp. The electric current the coil carries, is designed to reach the inner nerve cells of the brain and stimulate them.

This process was devised as a means to bring balance back to both sides of the brain. What often occurs during a stroke is the disruption of balance, which leaves one side with an overload of activity.

In clinical studies involving the rehabilitation of stroke victims, two groups were formed. One group received the new magnetic treatments, while the other group was given a placebo type of treatment.

At the end of the study, the people in the group who actually received high levels of stimulation showed an initial improvement in brain cell activity of sixteen percent. This number increased to twenty-two percent two weeks later.

The people in the group which did not receive high levels of treatment, showed no improvement. While the brain circuits of the treated group returned to normal, those of the placebo group did not.


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